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NY State Women, Inc.  Susquehanna Chapter


Our Mission


To build powerful women personally, professionally, and politically.


Our Vision


To make a difference in the lives of working women.


Upcoming Events

Doing Good Work in Our Community.

Monday August 22, 2016

6:30 PM Waverly, NY

Monday September 26, 2016

6:30 at Carols Coffee and Art Bar
Owego, NY

Saturday October 29, 2016

6-10am Owego Methodist Church

November 3, 2016

Owego Treadway Inn


We're always having a good time going out to different women owned businesses and experiencing what they have to offer!  Join us!  Check out our photos of recent events we've attended!

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Women Helping Women, One Success At A Time.

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Why Join the NYS Women Inc?





Being part of a statewide group gives you the chance to have an impact in your life, the life of women in your community and the lives of women throughout New York State. This impact can be achieved by creating a supportive local community, working on important legislative initiatives or providing important workshops and education programs that will help educate your members.




Exchanging ideas, exploring business opportunities and sharing common goals with other working women is an excellent way to network. These relationships can lead to connections that will help you advance your career or help you to make important career decisions.




The Advocacy and Legislative priorities that are developed at the State level allow you the unique opportunity to be educated on important issues. This education includes information on relevant topics and ideas that can get you involved and get your voice heard by all women throughout New York.


Education/Career Enhancement


The local chapters and the New York State Women, Inc. work hard to develop and support seminars, workshops and presenters that provide valuable and pertinent information regarding topics and issues important to working women on a professional and personal level.




New York State Women, Inc. strives to get vital information out to our members in a timely manner. Whether it is information on an important development or information on a program sponsored or supported by the organization, the goal is to make sure our members know what is happening and how they can get involved and be heard.




By becoming an officer at the local, region and state level, our members can learn valuable leadership skills. Important leadership skills can also be gained by volunteering for committee work at all levels. Strong leadership skills are essential to working women becoming successful in their professional lives.




Being involved in an organization that has a local, regional and state network can help you increase the visibility for you and your business. This visibility can lead to important personal and professional opportunities.


Helping Others


This organization has a strong history of women helping women. Being involved in this group provides you the opportunity to become more involved in your local and New York State community. From volunteering at a local not for profit or presenting at a local meeting or attending a state meeting and participating in the process, there are endless opportunities to help other women.




The most significant and lasting benefit of being a member is the reward of developing lifelong friendships with your fellow members. Imagine being in a room full of powerful women that are focused and energized on a common cause or issue. There is nothing quite like it. Whether it is laughing or working together, the relationships you make will be long lasting.


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